Leap Skills, A-38, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, India

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Our programs are divided into distinct modules that provide the students with easy access to the course they are looking for. We provide horizontal training, sector-specific training and entrepreneurship development program. Our solution allows students to enter the skilling domain through multiple points. They can first take up our flagship program "Propeller" to build horizontal skills and then either pursue sector-specific training, entrepreneurship development program or get a job. They can also choose to directly get domain-specific expertise and then pursue employment, depending upon their needs.


Horizontal Skills Training Programs

Strengthening communications & workplace skills through a blend of offline & online training

Industry-Partnered Skilling Programs

Delivering co-created programs with industry-partners and companies with job-linked outcomes

Government Skilling Programs

Implementing and co-creating skilling programs with the government to contribute to the government's skilling initiatives

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Enabling Indian youth to become self-starters and start their own micro-enterprises 



At Leap, we believe that the most effective way to deliver high-impact skills is through learning-by-doing. Hence, we follow an experiential pedagogy that makes students associate what they have learned with practical situations in the real world. Our pedagogy encourages peer-learning and taking ownership of your work.