Leap Skills, A-38, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, India

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Assistant Manager - Strategy Implementation


Department: CEO Office
Location: Delhi
Proposed Immediate Superior: CEO
Education: Undergraduate and above


Job Description



Founded in 2013, Leap Skills is an impact focused skill development organization based in Delhi. 


Leap Skills’ solution are designed to identify student ability & employer needs and bridge the gap between the two through effective matching and training. Leap integrates technology in its solutions to create high impact. Over the last 6 years we have trained over 35,000 students through our programs

We are in an exciting period of growth and scale in the company life cycle. We are leveraging technology for delivering high quality sustainable solutions to the market. Leap is a NSDC funded partner


Leap is positioned as a thought leader in the skill development space. We have partnerships with the Tisch School of Design for technology development, New York University, Tata Strive, Karcher for program execution, University of Pennsylvania, Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI)

We won the Inclusive Innovation Challenge hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017


If hired, the job entails being a part of the CEO’s office which is essentially having an overview of the entire company; work includes building company strategy, marketing, impact assessment, engaging with advisors, fundraising, and data analytics for impact assessment and storytelling

   Our Story


  • You will mirror the activities the CEO undertakes on a day-to-day basis

  • You will work closely with the CEO in helping the company achieve its strategic and operational goals, by delivering key internal and external projects that are critical to the success of the company

  • You will own the creation of all external-facing material produced by the CEO office for senior engagements with the promoters, board, investors and all employees

  • You will have a deep understanding of the company business model and coordinate across departments to build synergies for the organization

  • You will work to create an investment case for the company

  • You will create sustainable impact for underserved communities

Learning you will get:

  • You are excited to operationalize strategy in a real-world setting and want to build a world-class skills business at scale

  • You are even more excited to learn how a company grows new business lines while preserving successful, traditional core businesses.

  • You are interested in learning how to build great workplaces within a company that is both growing and highly diverse. You care about people. You care about being invested in, as an individual, and believe in mentorship.

  • You want to develop key management skills such as strategy, marketing, business intelligence, operations

  • You will be an integral part of the company growth story and future fundraise.

Knowledge, Skills, and Mindsets:

  • Relentless ambition – You like the challenge of playing at a level significantly senior to you, interacting with the C-Suite, Board, investors and senior market stakeholders

  • Bias towards Learning – You are a curious, continuous learner, and you already know that the test of a first-rate intelligence is to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time. (You will be the type who will google where this quote is from)

  • Bias towards action - You enjoy working in a tight-knit world-class team. As a self- starter, you enjoy handling multiple deliverables in a fast-moving environment.

  • Most consulting firms, banks or fast-growing “start-up” teams have this.

  • Numeracy – You should be able to use excel for data analytics and tracking

  • Detail orientation: You take uncompromising pride in your work and would even proof-read something your CEO has sent you before forwarding

  • Critical thinking – You must be a logical thinker. This one is hard to “develop” unless you have had either a world-class education, or a world-class boss, or are yourself truly a naturally deep thinker. We would have to interview you for this.

  • Effective presentation skills – You enjoy crafting world-class presentations for senior audiences while anticipating questions in advance, and being prepared with your own analysis and internal logic to defend your thoughts




  • You will be based at our head office in New Friends Colony

  • You should be flexible to travel to locations where our work is happening


  • You should expect a performance-based, fair and very feedback-oriented culture

  • Your exact starting salary will depend on your experience, fit and your potential







Raised seed series from Artha and Menterra Social Impact (Villgro Incubatee)

Awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology for use of technology for skilling

Developed Propeller – blended learning program

Bottomline profitability – after years of operations

Raised $1million through a combination of debt and equity

Developed proprietary hiring algorithm and learning platform